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FI Training


Working knowledge of banking, accounting principles, schemes, etc.

Basic Knowledge of Computers, UNIX and Oracle

Basic Knowledge of HTML, JavaScripts, Java and J2EE concepts

9 AM - 5 PM

Finacle Technical Architecture

  • Overview of Finacle Deployment Manager Plus (FDM+)
    • Technical Architecture/Layers
    • e-Banking Frameworks
  • Profile Management Utility
  • Installation
    • Input Collection

9 AM - 5 PM

Installation (…Continued)

    • Validation
    • Entity Console
    • Validation
    • Installation
    • Post Setup
  • Finacle Directory Structure
  • LIMO Architecture in Finacle
  • Architecture of ONS
  • Finacle Configuration Service and Editor

9 AM - 5 PM
  • Finacle Service Bus (FSB/FI)
    • Framework
    • Admin Menu Options
    • Customization using ECF, HFITMPL, CST
    • Demo using a Simulator – Inbound
    • Overview of Outbound Interface
  • Clarifications, final feedback and sign-off


  • Participants information would be collected on day 1 from all the participants
  • Feedback on daily basis would be obtained from all participants
  • Final feedback from all the participants would be obtained on last day of training
  • Engagement feedback (Sign Off) would be obtained on the last day from the Bank. Bank needs to identify one person who can provide this
  • Daily attendance would be obtained from all the participants